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WENR, March 2017: Asia Pacific

Bangladesh: Rising Incomes and a Demographic Boom Drive Increased Outbound Student Mobility

The number of students is growing quickly and is expected to reach 4.6 million by 2026, in part due to the fact that nearly half of Bangladesh’s population is under the age of 24

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WENR, February 2017: Asia Pacific

New Zealand: International Student Spending Escalates Dramatically in Two Years

Double-digit growth of international student enrollments has led to an uptick in spending and substantial economic impact in a short period.

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WENR, December 2016: Asia Pacific

China: Most International Branch Campuses now Located in China

China edged out the United Arab Emirates as the host country with the most international branch campuses (IBC), according to a recent trends analysis.

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WENR, November 2016: Asia Pacific

Malaysia: Number of PhD Holders to Increase by Nearly 3X

The Malyasian government plans to nearly triple its number of PhD holders to 60,000 by 2023 — there are currently 23,000 doctorate holders in the country.

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WENR, October 2016: Asia Pacific

Hong Kong: New Wave of Calls for Independence at Universities

According to Reuters, institutions “are becoming a new battleground in a nascent campaign for the city’s independence.”

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WENR, September 2016: Asia Pacific

Australia: High Profile Visa Rejection Draws Scrutiny From India

Researcher SM Ananth won a prestigious scholarship to fund his work at the University of Melbourne – only to be denied a visa because his research could be “associated with weapons of mass destruction.” indian officials say the action signals that Australia is treating India like a rogue state.

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WENR, July/August 2016: Asia Pacific

China: Decentralization of Degree-Granting Authority May Signal Broader Change

This summer a few Chinese universities began issuing their own degrees – a task that has, until now, been centrally administered only by the Chinese Ministry of Education. By 2017, all universities will follow suit. Is the shift a harbinger of additional reforms?

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WENR, June 2016: Asia Pacific

China: Urban Parents Protest New University Admissions Guidelines

Thousands of parents in cities across China took to the streets to protest revised admissions guidelines that would open prestigious urban universities to students from rural areas. Their concern? That new quotas would lock their students out of highly desirable schools.

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WENR, May 2016: Asia-Pacific

India: Foreign universities may be okayed to open branch campuses

Entry of foreign higher education providers is intended to fill rising demand for tertiary education, and create competitive pressures that will incent Indian higher education institutions to improve their quality.

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WENR, April 2016: Asia-Pacific

Reports of cheating on admissions tests spark enrollment concerns in the U.S.

A Reuters investigation has found that the New York-based College Board, which issues the SAT, has suffered a far greater number of security breakdowns in Asia than had previously been reported.

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