Traditional Chinese Medicine: Surging International Interest and a Shifting Educational Landscape in China

In 2015, WES saw a substantial rise in applications from graduates of traditional Chinese medicine programs (TCM) in China. Why? And what does academic training and licensure for TCM in China entail? Two WES credential analysts explain.

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Alike but Unequal: Quality and Credentials In China’s International High School Sector

Last year, Chinese undergraduate enrollments in U.S. colleges and universities outstripped graduate enrollments for the first time ever. The quality of those students’ secondary schooling is directly relevant to their impact and experiences on campus. WENR offers an overview of the good, the bad, and the fly-by-night landscape of China’s international high schools to help institutions better manage their enrollment pipeline and student success.

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The Gaokao: History, Reform, and Rising International Significance of China’s National College Entrance Examination

For more almost 9.5 million rising high school graduates across China, the gaokao, a three-day, high-stakes college entrance exam, has a life-long impact. Results determine student placement or exclusion from top-tier schools, as well as the ability to gain access to a higher rung of the social ladder.

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Education in China

by Rachel Michael, Credential Evaluator and Mini Gu, Area Specialist Introduction With a population of almost 1.4 billion and a burgeoning middle class, China sends more students abroad than any other country in the world. Around 460,000 Chinese nationals were

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The Rise of Chinese Students at German Universities

Rachel Michael, Credential Evaluator at World Education Services As the merits and means of reducing student debt are debated from Capitol Hill to Whitehall, the most recent cohort of the world’s secondary school graduates is getting ready for the start

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How Master’s Students Choose Institutions: Research on International Student Segmentation

By Zhengrong Lu, Paul Schulmann – WES Research & Advisory Services DOWNLOAD REPORT ACCESS WEBINAR ARCHIVE     During the 2013/14 academic year, there were 181,371 international students pursuing master’s degrees in the U.S. This represents an increase of over

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Student Segmentation for an Effective International Enrollment Strategy

By Rahul Choudaha – WES Research & Advisory Services, Li Chang – WES Research & Advisory Services, Paul Schulmann – WES Research & Advisory Services CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT AND ACCESS ARCHIVED WEBINAR SERIES   According to

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International Graduate Enrollment Trends in the U.S.

By Li Chang, WES Research & Advisory Services ACCESS ADDITIONAL RESEARCH AND CONSULTING SOLUTIONS In the global competition for talent, graduate schools in the U.S. need to develop responsive strategies that diversify their student bodies and adapt to emerging recruitment

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Behind the Open Doors: International Enrollment Growth at the Expense of Diversity?

By Nick Clark, Editor, World Education News & Reviews VIEW WEBINAR ARCHIVE: EDUCATION IN SAUDI ARABIA   The Institute of International Education (IIE) released its annual accounting of academic mobility into and out of the United States in early November

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Understanding Transnational Education, Its Growth and Implications

By Nick Clark, Editor, World Education News & Reviews The dynamics of internationalization are changing. Many of the students that traditionally would have traveled overseas to study for an international qualification are now pursuing foreign degrees in their home, or

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