eWENR, July/August 1999: Education in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Education in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

by WES Staff Members

Yugoslavia map

In the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia* (Serbia and Montenegro, including the autonomous provinces of Kosovo and Vojvodina), the education system is divided into elementary, secondary and tertiary levels.The academic year runs from October through July, and the main language of instruction for most institutions is Serbian.

At present there are seven universities in the country: the University of Belgrade, the University of Fine Arts of Belgrade, the University of Kragujevac, the University of Nis, the University of Novi Sad, the University of Pristina and the University of Montenegro.

Elementary and Secondary Education

Primary schooling is compulsory, free and lasts for eight years. About 97 percent of children ages seven to 15 are enrolled in elementary schools in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FR Yugoslavia).

Secondary education lasts four years, from age 15 to 19. Pupils attend either vocational/technical schools or the more academically oriented schools called gymnasia.

Organization of Higher Education

University Education

Admission requirements: secondary-school certificate. Other admission requirements may include: aptitude tests administered by faculties of architecture, fine and applied arts, music and drama.

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