eWENR, March/April 2000: Newly Independent States (Regional News)

Kyrghyz Republic

The Bishkek Humanities University (BHU) currently offers two types of degrees: The first one is the Diploma of Specialist and the second one is the bakalavr. BHU has been issuing the former since 1994. The bakalavr degree is being awarded to students for the first time this year.

Admission to BHU requires a passing grade on the entrance examination, which consists of three sections: The first two are taken in the applicant’s field of specialization while the third is given in a subject unrelated to his/her field.

The official length of the programs offered at the university depends on the chosen field of specialization. However, the average length is between four and 5-1/2 years.

— Correspondence from Bishkek Humanities University
January 2000


The Ministry of National Education recently reported that enrollments in Russian institutions of higher education increased by almost 50 percent between 1995 to 1999. Under the Communist regime, the number of university places was extremely limited while demand soared. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, hundreds of private institutions have emerged to provide educational opportunities to the growing number of students.

Government-run institutions are also cashing in on the expanding demand. Although state universities have never charged tuition, students who score poorly on their entrance examinations now have to pay for higher education.

The ministry report also revealed that the number of students pursuing degrees in engineering and technology is rising while the number seeking to enter law and economics faculties is declining. This indicates a reversal of a previous trend.

— The Chronicle of Higher Education
Feb. 11, 2000