WENR, November/December 2003: Bologna Country Updates (southeastern Europe)

By Nick Clark, Assistant Editor WENR


Status of the Implementation Process
In an attempt to benchmark progress that has been made towards the goal of establishing a European Higher Education Area by 2010, WENR will, over the next three issues, be providing updates on the structural, legislative and institutional changes that have been implemented by each of the signatory countries in its efforts to comply with the reforms called for in the Bologna Declaration.
The main resources used for this project are a combination of Bologna-commissioned papers and reports, and progress reports from the various national ministries of education. In this current issue we are presenting implementation reports for seven countries of southeastern Europe:
Bulgaria [2]
Romania [3]
Croatia [4]
Slovenia [5]
Cyprus [6]
Turkey [7]
Greece [8]
In the September/October issue of WENR we featured Bologna updates for the following Baltic and Scandinavian countries.
Denmark [9]
Latvia [10]
Estonia [11]
Lithuania [12]
Finland [13]
Norway [14]
Iceland [15]
Sweden [16]