Segmentation to Understand Prospective International Master’s Students

 The latest report from WES Research & Advisory Services, Student Segmentation for an Effective International Enrollment Strategy [2], suggests that U.S. higher education institutions (HEIs) should develop effective and informed international enrollment strategies through a deeper understanding of student segments.

According to Open Doors 2012 [3] published by Institute of International Education, 56% of international students in the United States at the graduate level are from China, India, and South Korea.

Graduate applications from international students grew only 2% from 2012 to 2013 [4] due to a sharp decline in interest from China and South Korea, indicating a need for HEIs to better understand their prospective students and adapt enrollment strategies accordingly.

Percent of respondents choosing one of the following among their top three information needs

22% of the respondents said they used social media or online discussion forum to seek information about studying abroad.

“Social media…….enables us to receive information, react to information and give feedback. As a result, we can better communicate with universities or colleges.”


Develop Informed Enrollment Strategies

Institutions wanting to maximize the efficacy of their outreach efforts have to continuously monitor and adapt to a changing environment.

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