WENR, December 2017: Middle East

Saudi Arabia: Government Announces Effort to Overhaul Education System

In the past, substantial investments in education system haven’t translated into better outcomes. New efforts will focus in part on improved teacher quality,in particular by focusing on increasing standards at colleges of education at the country’s public universities.

The National [1]
December 11

Lebanon: Syrian Teen Recognized for Work with Educating Refugee Children

Displaced since he was 12, Mohamad Al Jounde set up a school at the Bekaa Valley refuge camp in Lebanon for himself and other Syrian children. The school now serves over 200 students, and has garnered the 2017 International Children’s Peace Prize.

Muslim Village.com [2]
December 8

Dubai: Ministry of Education Partners with UK to Improve Quality in Higher Education

The first public university in Dubai was established 1976, and, the first private university in 1988. A  partnership with the UK based Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education seeks to improve educational standards, and establish a coherent framework for driving quality across both sectors.

Emirates News Agency [3]
November 19

Middle East: Palestine, Qatar Sign Agreement on Education Cooperation

The two countries have agreed to share technology, evaluation policies, and other resources.

Middle East Monitor
November 15