WENR, February 2018: Middle East

Egypt: New Agreement Paves Way for U.K. Branch Campuses

A new agreement between the U.K. and Egyptian governments will make it easier for the U.K. to establish branch campuses in Egypt. The agreement states that new campuses will work to help achieve the goals of Egypt’s 2030 economic strategy, which include bolstering research and collaboration, and increasing internationalization in the sector. Campuses will also work to address Egypt’s labor force needs and rising higher education demand in the region.

Times Higher Education [1]
January 24, 2018

Israel: Legislation Over West Bank Institutions Expected to Spark Boycotts

Higher education is now wrapped into the contentious debate over settlements in the West Bank due to a new proposed bill which would put higher education institutions in the West Bank under Israeli law. Critics of the bill fear that it will ignite further boycotts of Israeli institutions, as well as cause a certain loss in overseas funding from groups like the European Research Council, which account for about 50 percent of research funding at Israeli universities. Some feel the bill is utilizing higher education institutions as a pawn to achieve a greater political agenda in the occupied territories.

Times Higher Education [2]
January 2, 2018

Qatar: New Research Collaborations Post Diplomatic Crisis

Qatar has sought to diversify its international research partnerships after Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt cut off diplomatic ties with the nation in the summer of 2017. The Qatar National Research Fund and the Turkish research council joined forces last fall to tackle cybersecurity issues that both countries face and more recently Qatar forged research collaborations with Oman and Kuwait that will focus on innovation and new technologies.

Al-Fanar Media
December 18, 2017