WENR, August 2018: Europe

U.K.: New UUKi Report Highlights Importance of International Collaboration to the U.K.

A new report from Universities UK International shows the benefits of international cooperation for the U.K.’s higher education institutions and highlights the importance of international engagement to both the U.K.’s economy and research output. Not only do foreign students generate £25.8 billion for the domestic economy, but foreign academics prop up the U.K. education system, accounting for 30 percent of those in the U.K.

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August 10

Poland: Coventry University to Open as First International Campus in Poland

U.K. institution Coventry University is set to open a new campus in Wrocław; the first international campus in Poland. Learning models where students are able to work to support the cost of their degree are very attractive to many students, and the new campus aims to provide students this flexibility by offering a local route to obtaining a British degree. Courses will be taught in English and will begin in September 2019. Around 300 students are currently expected to enroll.

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August 10

Ireland: New Bill Aims at Shutting Down Essay Mills and Cheating Services

A new Irish bill is cracking down on essay mills and cheating services, and many are calling for the U.K. to follow suit and adopt similar laws. The new bill criminalizes the advertisement of cheating services creating an avenue for the prosecution of these businesses. The law will prevent these services from being advertised on campuses, as well as provide a route for removing advertisements from Facebook and other social media sites. The legislation will go into effect this fall.

Times Higher Education [3]
August 9

Ireland: Trinity College Dublin Reverses Decision to Increase International Fees After Student Outcry

Trinity College Dublin is reversing course on their controversial decision to increase fees by 5 percent for continuing non-EU and postgraduate students in the 2018-19 school year. The decision to keep fees at their current level came in response to a large backlash from student groups who called the increase both a betrayal and in direct conflict with a fee certainty agreement made in March. Trinity College Dublin will reimburse students who have already paid.

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August 3

U.K.: University Group Calls for New Fee Level for EU Students

The U.K. Higher Education body MillionPlus, comprised of 20 different British universities, is calling on the U.K. government to create a new categorization for EU students, distinct from the status of international student and the accompanying fee level. MillionPlus argues this change goes with the U.K. government’s promise to fund research collaboration with the rest of Europe through 2020, and say a similar guarantee should be granted for student fees. MillionPlus points to a projected drop of 47 percent in EU students coming to study in the U.K. as evidence that these policies should be implemented.

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July 31