WENR, November 2018: Middle-East

Egypt: The Egyptian campus that wasn’t

The University of Liverpool has abandoned plans to establish a new university campus in Egypt. Having signed an MOU in June of this year to explore the possibility, the discussion was was still looking favorable as recently as September of this year. Egypt has only recently passed legislation to allow for new international education partnerships, and the the initial indications for potential enrollments were very encouraging. However, a list of negatives began to gather, including high inflation in Egypt, regional political risks, and the emerging practice of indirect international study – where students go to brand-name universities in less expensive locales.

Financial Times [1]
November 2

UAE: New reforms will make UAE a global education hotspot

The UAE continues to make policy changes that they hope will further increase their reputation as a destination for international students. An October change to visa regulations makes it easier for students graduating from grade 12 to stay in the UAE and pursue work or further education with a renewable one-year extension. The changes also allow students to take on part time work while in grade school – opening the door for earlier career growth.

Khaleej Times [2]
October 28

Israel: Teachers at Israeli Public Colleges to Strike

As students arrived for the new school year, junior teaching staff at two public colleges, Tel Aviv University and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, began a strike over employment conditions. On the 21st, Senior Staff at many additional public colleges joined them in the indefinite stoppage, along with junior staff for one week. Negotiations are in process but have failed to reach any meaningful resolution, while the tensions brought on by the strike have led to some altercations, allegedly between strikers, remaining faculty, and students.

Haaretz [3]
October 21

Egypt: UK to provide £12 million fund to support education reform in Egypt

The British Ambassador to Cairo, Sir Geoffrey Adams, announced a USD $15.8 million fund to support teacher training and support child education across Egypt. The fund will be administered through UNICEF and supports Egypt’s “2030 vision to cultivate economic and social justice and revive the role of Egypt in the region.” Recent improvements brought to bear under the 2030 plan include internet access, more educational resources, and, ultimately, tablets for all secondary students.

Egypt Today [4]
October 17