Obtaining Authentic Academic Credentials for Undergraduate Admissions

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Studying in the United States is neither easy nor inexpensive for international students. It takes a great deal of determination and work to assemble all the documentation necessary to comply with U.S. academic institutions’ admissions requirements. Universities and colleges can streamline the admissions process for the increasing numbers of international students coming to our shores by establishing and publicizing clear and appropriate international undergraduate documentation requirements.

In this webinar we will share with admissions officers and university-based credential evaluators some of our best practices in undergraduate documentation so that they can apply relevant techniques on their campuses and more carefully and confidently select the best international secondary school graduates.

This webinar took place on May, 2012.





How to Obtain Authentic International Academic Credentials (PDF)
What Are Diploma Mills? (PDF)

KevinKevin Lam, Area Specialist, WES
Kevin has been with WES since 2008. Currently, he is the Area Specialist of the India Subcontinent Group and specializes in issues of authenticity and verification. His previous experience includes two years in the U.S. Peace Corps, during which he spent time as an educational volunteer in China at Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

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