February 2017, Volume 30, issue 1

Déjà Vu? The Rise and Fall of Iranian Student Enrollments in the U.S.

U.S.-bound Iranian student mobility has waxed and waned over decades of political enmity between the two nations. Our feature story examines that history, and helps to shed light on the potential impact of the Trump administration’s recent executive order barring travel from Iran and six other countries.

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A Message from Mariam Assefa

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of WENR. The February issue was planned well in advance of current events that may affect international student enrollments in the U.S., but its focus on Iran and the broader MENA region is highly relevant to this moment in our nation’s history.

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Educating Iran: Demographics, Massification, and Missed Opportunities

The vast majority of Iranian students on U.S. campuses are graduate-level scholars in the engineering and STEM fields. What factors drive them to leave Iran, what are their stay rates, and what are the potential economic costs of barring our doors to them?

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Education in Iran

An overview of Iran’s education system and of outbound student mobility; includes insight into how to evaluate common Iranian academic credentials at both the secondary and tertiary levels.

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Academic Mobility in the Middle East and Egypt: If not West, Where Will Students Go?

Despite hosting a record number of international students in 2015/16, the U.S. has seen its overall share of the global education market decline in recent years. In the face of increased travel restrictions on students, insight into enrollment patterns in the regions that are most affected can help institutions better plan future international recruitment efforts.

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Students From the Middle East and North Africa: Motivations, On-Campus Experiences, and Areas of Need

The MENA region is second only to Asia as a contributor of students to U.S. based institutions. Original WES research illuminates the distinct needs of students from across the region, and the supports most critical to ensuring that they have good campus and academic experiences.

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WENR, February 2017: Middle East

Egypt: International Education Sector is Thriving

There are currently 47,000 international students at Egyptian public universities, over twenty times the amount in 2010. Low tuition fees and cost of living are a huge draw—Egypt offers the lowest tuition rates in the Arab region and provides assistance to students from Syria, Sudan, and Libya.

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WENR, February 2017: Asia Pacific

New Zealand: International Student Spending Escalates Dramatically in Two Years

Double-digit growth of international student enrollments has led to an uptick in spending and substantial economic impact in a short period.

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WENR, February 2017: Africa

East Africa: Cross-Border Credit Transfer Moves Forward

Under a proposal of the Inter-university Council for East Africa, an estimated 150 million people in Eastern Africa will soon be able to freely engage in cross-border education…

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WENR, February 2017: Europe

France: Foreign Minister Announces Plans to Double Indian Student Numbers

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has announced a plan to attract more Indian students to France’s higher education institutions, aiming to at least double the current numbers by 2020.

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