June 2018 Volume 31, Issue 5

Navigating a New Paradigm for International Student Recruitment

The latest research from WES examines how 270 higher education professionals in the U.S. have dealt with declining international enrollments, and offers practical recommendations for recruiting and supporting students from abroad.

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Education in the United States of America

A comprehensive examination of the education system in the United States: Includes an overview of the education system, a guide to institutions and qualifications, and a look at mobility trends among inbound and outbound students.

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Could Germany’s Vocational Education and Training System Be a Model for the U.S.?

Germany has one of the most productive workforces in the world. The country’s vocational education and training system may provide insights for the U.S., where interest in formalized workforce training is gaining steam.

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International Student Pathways to Permanent Residence in Canada: Canada Research in Brief

In late 2017, WES surveyed prospective international students about why they planned to come to Canada, and why they plan to stay on. A snapshot of our findings shows what we learned.

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WENR, June 2018: Americas

Canada: Canadian university strike ‘harbinger of things to come’

Argentina: Tuition fees ‘not the answer’ as budgets squeezed; and more

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WENR, June 2018: Africa

Nigeria: Government Shuts Down 58 Bogus Institutions

Tanzania: Government Hires More than 6,000 Teachers after Dismissing Thousands for Fake Credentials; and more

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WENR, June 2018: Asia-Pacific

India: UGC Eases Restrictions on Online Degree Programs

Taiwan: Taiwanese Students Enroll in Mainland China Universities in Growing Numbers; and more

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WENR, June 2018: Middle East

Morocco: Student Groups Accuse Government of Involvement in Student Deaths

Qatar: New Joint Program with Morocco Aims to Improve Education in Region; and more

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WENR, June 2018: Europe

EU: European Commission Proposal Opens Erasmus+ to All Countries

U.K.: Large Number of Fake Degrees Sold Online; and more

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