Education in Italy

VIEW UPCOMING WEBINARS ON POPULAR COUNTRY SYSTEMS OF EDUCATION   Legislative Framework Since 1996 the Italian higher education system has been undergoing a wide and ambitious reform process that has been seeking to restructure and innovate curriculum, governance and organization.

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Implementation of the Bologna Declaration Part III: Italy

by Robert Sedgwick Editor, WENR VIEW UPCOMING WEBINAR ON BOLOGNA PROCESS   U ntil quite recently, the Italian university system remained rigidly centralized. During the 1960s and 1970s, increased demand for university degrees brought about the massification of higher education

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eWENR, March/April 1999: Europe (Regional News)

REGIONAL NEWS   Europe   FRANCE Of the 121,000 foreign students currently enrolled in French institutions of higher education, 60,000 are from the African continent (50 percent from Algeria and Morocco). Because of these figures, Thierry Audric, deputy-director for the

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