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Education in Iraq

A look at current trends in education and international student mobility in Iraq. Includes a guide to qualifications, and common credential evaluation challenges.

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Educating Iran: Demographics, Massification, and Missed Opportunities

The vast majority of Iranian students on U.S. campuses are graduate-level scholars in the engineering and STEM fields. What factors drive them to leave Iran, what are their stay rates, and what are the potential economic costs of barring our doors to them?

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Students From the Middle East and North Africa: Motivations, On-Campus Experiences, and Areas of Need

The MENA region is second only to Asia as a contributor of students to U.S. based institutions. Original WES research illuminates the distinct needs of students from across the region, and the supports most critical to ensuring that they have good campus and academic experiences.

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Déjà Vu? The Rise and Fall of Iranian Student Enrollments in the U.S.

U.S.-bound Iranian student mobility has waxed and waned over decades of political enmity between the two nations. Our feature story examines that history, and helps to shed light on the potential impact of the Trump administration’s recent executive order barring travel from Iran and six other countries.

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How Master’s Students Choose Institutions: Research on International Student Segmentation

By Zhengrong Lu, Paul Schulmann – WES Research & Advisory Services DOWNLOAD REPORT ACCESS WEBINAR ARCHIVE     During the 2013/14 academic year, there were 181,371 international students pursuing master’s degrees in the U.S. This represents an increase of over

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Iranian Student Mobility on Growth Path

By Alejandro Ortiz – WES Research & Advisory Services ACCESS ADDITIONAL RESEARCH AND CONSULTING SOLUTIONS According to the Institute of International Education’s most recent Open Doors report (2013), Iran ranks as the 15th largest source of international students in the

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The World Ranking of Universities in Developing Regions

  VIEW WEBINAR ARCHIVE: EDUCATION IN BRAZIL The three most-watched world university rankings are released every year between August and October in what has become known as ‘rankings season.’ Invariably the headlines focus on U.S. and UK dominance, with a

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