Established and Emerging Hubs for International Education in Africa and the Middle East

By Nick Clark, Editor, World Education News & Reviews VIEW EDUCATION IN EGYPT WEBINAR ARCHIVE   Scores of countries, regions and cities around the world have established or declared their intentions to establish themselves as regional or global education hubs. Typically

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Qatar, Building a National and Regional Knowledge Economy

Qatar, Building a National and Regional Knowledge Economy

Since gaining independence from the British in 1971, Qatar has grown from being one of the poorer countries in the Persian Gulf to achieving the highest level of per capita income in the world (by a long shot). Qatar’s wealth is derived largely from its vast oil and gas reserves, and with a population of just over 2 million (est. 2013), the tiny emirate punches well above its weight in terms of regional influence. Nonetheless, demographic issues are cause for significant concern among Qatari citizens (less than 250,000) who accounted for just 6 percent of the 1.25-million strong national workforce in 2009.

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Working with Academic Credentials from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States

By WES Staff VIEW WEBINAR ARCHIVE: EDUCATION IN QATAR, KUWAIT, AND U.A.E. What follows is a quick primer on the academic systems of three states in the Persian Gulf: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. While education authorities

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Qatar as a Model for Educational Reform in the Arabian Gulf

By Michelle Pollock, WES Project Coordinator, Middle East VIEW WEBINAR ARCHIVE: EDUCATION IN QATAR, KUWAIT, AND U.A.E.   As students from the Middle East travel to the United States to enhance person-to-person diplomacy through educational exchange, American universities are in

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