The Article 26 Backpack: A New Tool for Empowering Vulnerable Youth

The Article 26 Backpack was developed as a new human rights tool to help ensure refugees’ academic and employment mobility. A look at how the backpack helps young people displaced by conflict in Syria.

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Higher Education’s Role in National Refugee Integration: Four Cases

The importance of providing refugees from Syria and elsewhere opportunities to continue and complete higher education is clear to many countries. We look at 4 examples of national refugee integration.

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Lessons From Germany’s Refugee Crisis: Integration, Costs, and Benefits

Germany has taken in more refugees since 2015 than any other European nation. Which programs have helped most? Which have fallen short? And what are the short-term and long-term benefits of the overall effort?

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Early Insights From Canada: What Help Do Refugees Need to Enroll in North American Higher Education?

How can institutions help students who are among the tens of thousands of newly arrived refugees in Canada and the U.S.? Discover insights from a small-scale WES pilot project.

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Countries in Turmoil

2015 set a new and troubling record: For the first time ever, an estimated 60 million people were displaced from their homes by war, conflict, and persecution. At the same time, oil prices crashed to a 12-year low, and oil-dependent

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‘University of the Desert’ Taking Shape

By Paul Rigg Recently in Madrid the Universities of Leeds; Managua; Berkeley and Pretoria joined forces with over a dozen others in Algeria, Cuba and Spain to support a unique ‘University of the Desert.’ The planned ‘University of Tifariti’ has

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