Venezuela in Crisis: What Does It Mean for Northbound Student Mobility?

The unfolding crisis in Venezuela could have important implications for academic institutions in Canada and the United States.

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How will lower oil prices affect international enrollments from OPEC countries?

Alejandro Ortiz, Research Associate at World Education Services Oil prices dropped to a 12-year low in February, throwing oil-dependent economies into turmoil. Given how much oil revenue contributes to the flow of international students coming to the U.S., it’s worth

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Education in Latin America

By Jennifer Bild World Education Services In the past ten years, the middle class in Latin America has grown 50%, comprising almost one third of the region’s population. This trend can in part be attributed to big strides made in

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Education in Venezuela: Reform, Expansion and an Uncertain Future

By Nick Clark, Editor, World Education News & Reviews Education in Venezuela is administered and regulated by the Venezuelan Ministry of Education and is highly centralized. Education is compulsory for the first nine years (educación básica) and is taught in

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