Uganda: 1,200 Nursing Graduates Lack Training to Practice

Some 1,200 nursing students received qualifications from four universities, but ran into roadblocks when they attempted to register for professional practice.


Canada: A New Trend? Canadian Universities Seek U.S. Accreditation

In July, the U.S.-based Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) granted accreditation to Canada-based Burnaby’s Simon Fraser University (SFU). Other applications from Canadian institutions seeking U.S. accreditation are pending.

Asia Pacific

Australia: High Profile Visa Rejection Draws Scrutiny From India

Researcher SM Ananth won a prestigious scholarship to fund his work at the University of Melbourne – only to be denied a visa because his research could be “associated with weapons of mass destruction.” indian officials say the action signals that Australia is treating India like a rogue state.


Germany: Turkish Crackdown Has Ripple Effect on German Higher Ed

Turmoil in Turkey’s higher education sector is prompting concern from Germany, especially in Lower Saxony, where cross-border institutional relationships focused on credit transfer, and exchanges of students, instructors, and researchers are common.

Middle East

Iran: Academic Partnerships With the West Take Off in the Wake of Sanctions

Partnership agreements have been signed between three leading Iranian institutions and one of France’s leading universities. A similar agreement with leading Swiss higher education institutions is in the works.
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