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New Open Doors: Bracing for Changes to International Students Flows

New findings about student mobility to the U.S. show how sensitive international student flows are to a number of local and global phenomena.

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No Matter the Budget, International Students Aspire to Study in the U.S.

Original research, new insights: International students with a budget of over $50k a year are more than twice as likely to consider being in or close to a major city as “very important.”

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Beyond Science Without Borders: Brazil Retools Its Internationalization Strategy

From 2011-2016, Brazil’s Science without Borders funded short-term study in the United States. Can its replacement, tentatively named the Brazilian Universities Excellence Initiative, achieve more strategic and sustainable internationalization goals?

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International Student Mobility to Canada: A Surge? Or Something Else?

A look at the policies and practices that have affected international student mobility to Canada since 2001. What can U.S. enrollment managers learn by looking north?

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Going North: The Student Mobility Outlook from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela

A look at how student flows from key Latin American countries may shift over the mid- to long-term. Despite the current political climate and a near-term slowdown, the overall outlook remains encouraging.

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China: Can the World’s Top Source for International Students Become Its Leading Destination?

China is seeking to transform into the world’s top international higher education destination by 2020. What is the likelihood it can succeed?

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Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and South Korea Remap Regional Student Flows

Individually and as a group, a handful of Asian powers are trying to strike a balance between outbound and inbound student mobility. If they succeed, student mobility will look radically different in 2025 than it does now.

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India: Mapping Student Mobility From the World’s Number 2 Sender

Indian student mobility will rise in the coming decades. Understanding where students have headed in the recent past – and why – is of critical importance international enrollment managers.

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Vietnam: Southeast Asia’s Most Dynamic Outbound Market

In terms of student recruitment, is Vietnam a worthwhile next investment? Most likely, yes. A look at the underlying dynamics, and their implications for strategic enrollment planning.

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Education in Sri Lanka

A look at current trends in education and international student mobility in Sri Lanka. Includes an overview of the education system, and a guide to institutions and qualifications.

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