Kenya: New Requirements for Masters’ Degrees?

Proposed guidelines may make it harder for Kenyan students to obtain masters’ degrees. The new guidelines are the latest in a series of efforts to increase the rigor of Kenya’s higher education sector during a period of soaring demand and capacity.


Tuition Costs Increase at U.S. Public Institutions; Funding per Student Drops

U.S. public colleges and universities are spending drastically less on students, according to a report conducted by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.


The 2014-2015 academic year represents the eighth consecutive year of declining U.S. enrollments of Taiwanese students -- but other regions around the globe have seen growth. Learn more about Taiwan’s education system, the massification of its higher ed sector, and mobility trends among Taiwanese students worldwide.


Germany Likely to Become Top European Study Destination

Germany is set to surpass the U.K. to become the most popular study destination in Europe. A report from India-based M.M. Advisory points to changes in Indian student mobility as a key factor in the shift.


Career Services Help Address High Unemployment Among Iraqi Graduates

With an eye on the 18 percent unemployment rate among Iraqi youth – which soars even higher among youth with a higher education – an international non-governmental organization has begun setting up career centers at Iraqi universities.
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