Public Spending Increases for Universities

Kenya plans to increase funding of public universities by 10 percent in the coming fiscal year, which begins in July – the biggest funding rise in three years...


Universities Focus on Internationalization

According to a survey carried out by The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, compared to eight years ago internationalization is considered a “top priority” at 82 percent of Canadian universities, up from 70 percent...


Indian and Chinese Students to Drive Growth in Academic Mobility

Higher education participation rates across the world are set to soar further despite more than doubling over the past two decades, a study shows. The global gross tertiary enrollment ratio (GTER) went up...


Finland to Remain Tuition-Free for International Students

The Finnish government has abandoned plans to introduce tuition fees for non-EEA students, following an October proposal from Minister for Education Krista Kiuru to implement fees from 2016...


Private Universities in the Middle East Grow in Popularity

A single year at a private university in Lebanon can cost up to US$14,000. In Saudi Arabia, that figure can climb to $25,000. In Qatar, it can be more than $40,000...
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