Kenya: Multiple Universities Put On Notice After Identification of Degree Irregularities

A recent government audit found quality issues at most of Kenya’s 70 universities, many affecting the integrity of degrees.


Canada: Surge in International Applications

Canadian universities are reporting a rise in international applications, most notably from the U.S. and India.

Asia Pacific

Taiwan: Demographic Pressures Expected to Reshape Higher Education System

The number of Taiwanese students is expected to drop by almost 40 percent by 2028. The decline will likely spur spending cuts at universities, and to lead to school closures and mergers.


Hungary: Government Proposes New Restrictions on Foreign-Funded Universities

Hungary's right-wing government may implement strict new requirements for foreign-funded universities. Among the 28 affected universities is the 25-year-old, Soros-funded Central European University.

Middle East

Iran: Graduate Students' Future in the U.S. Uncertain

While the second iteration of the U.S. president’s travel ban has been temporarily halted, uncertainty about future visa restrictions promises to have an impact on enrollments of students from affected countries, especially Iran.
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