Nigeria: Two Thirds of Illegal Nigerian Migrants in Europe Are University Graduates

Highly educated Nigerians flee grim employment landscape at home; Ethiopia seeks to squelch cheating; Morocco recognizes degrees from private universities.


University of California Caps Out-of-State and International Student Quota

Cap affects UCLA, Berkeley, Irvine and San Diego campuses most; French transplants to help address Canadian teacher shortage; Large-scale strikes at Argentinian universities

Asia Pacific

Taiwan: Concerns about Enrollments as Mainland China Cuts Student Quota by 50 Percent

SE Asia will be Taiwan's top new recruiting market; Thailand's higher education system faces significant challenges; South Korea braces for major higher education reforms


Hungary: Central European University Gets Reprieve; New York Governor Intercedes

Internationalism under fire in Budapest; German state revamps its tuition system for non-E.U. students; Brexit threatens high fees for Ireland-bound U.K. students

Middle East

Egypt: New Report Highlights Suppression of Academic Freedom

Human rights report urges Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education to curtail restrictions; Saudi Arabian Universities dominate regional rankings
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