Ghana and South Africa plan policy responses to transnational education

South Africa plans to unveil a policy to address the internationalization of its higher ed sector in 2017. Ghana seeks to limit the growth of branch campuses seen as a competitive threat to its domestic higher ed sector.


Visa fraud and dollar-driven recruitment practices throw a spotlight on unethical agents

A federal sting involving a shell 'university' resulted in 21 arrests and uncovered more than 1,000 cases of visa fraud; pressure to fill seats (and coffers) led one institution to partner with an-India based agency promising "spot admissions" to unqualified international students.


India: Foreign universities may be okayed to open branch campuses

Entry of foreign higher education providers is intended to fill rising demand for tertiary education, and create competitive pressures that will incent Indian higher education institutions to improve their quality.


Brexit will hurt the British scientific community, says Parliamentary committee

With the vote on Britain's exit from the E.U. expected June 23, a parliamentary committee issued a report saying that increased restrictions on student mobility and other academic exchanges would hurt the nation's scientific community.


Syria: EU to provide hundreds of scholarships for Syrian students

An EU-financed program, Higher and Further Education Opportunities and Perspectives for Syrians (HOPES), has been established to assist Syrian students in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt. HOPES will fund 400 students’ education, and provide educational counseling for 42,000 more.
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