Growth in Numbers Versus Growth in Skills

Universities have ill-equipped graduate recruits for the new demands placed on them by the working world – a problem highlighted by the estimate that 365,000 South African graduates are unemployed, despite...


German Language Training in Brazil

Brazil has signed a memorandum of understanding with Germany on a program to promote the role of German in the Brazilian higher education sector. “Sprachen ohne Grenzen – Deutsch” complements an already existing academic exchange...


Japan and China are Top International Education Contenders for US Parents

According to a recent HSBC survey, sixty-five percent of parents in the U.S. would consider sending their child abroad for all or part of their university education...


Helsinki Slashes University Staff

The board of the University of Helsinki, the oldest and largest university in the country, is to cut 1,200 out of 8,200 staff posts, a measure of how Finnish universities are being hit by the effects of the government’s austerity program...


Arab Countries Moving Up in Global University Rankings

The Times Higher Education released a list this week of what it believes to be the best 801 universities in the world.The top ten positions are dominated by familiar institutions in the United Kingdom...
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