February 2018 Volume 31, Issue 10

WENR, February 2018: Americas

A Year of Travel Bans in the U.S.

Major higher education reforms secured by senators in Chile; U.S. schools setting up campuses in China; and more

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WENR, February 2018: Europe

Turkey Becoming International Education Hub

Scotland: Free Tuition for EU students Guaranteed Through 2019-20 Enrollment; and more

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The Article 26 Backpack: A New Tool for Empowering Vulnerable Youth

The Article 26 Backpack was developed as a new human rights tool to help ensure refugees’ academic and employment mobility. A look at how the backpack helps young people displaced by conflict in Syria.

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WENR, February 2018: Africa

South Africa: Strong Growth of ELT Enrollments in 2017

More than 2,000 Secondary Schools Closed in Nigeria’s Benue State; and more

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International Relations and Signals of Change in International Education

There is a symbiotic relationship between international relations and international education that cannot be ignored. When international affairs are relatively stable, it can be easy to forget this relationship. However, during times of turbulence, the effects can be drastic.

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International Education in a Difficult and Uncertain U.S. Political Environment

The travel ban fiasco and other actions out of Washington have damaged U.S. higher education, and shaken the long held perception among students, their parents, and others of the United States as an open and welcoming country for international education.

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Sustainable Development Goals: a New Framework for the Future of International Higher Education?

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined in the 2030 UN Agenda offer an opportunity for the global higher education community to evaluate how universities contribute.

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Higher Education’s Role in National Refugee Integration: Four Cases

The importance of providing refugees from Syria and elsewhere opportunities to continue and complete higher education is clear to many countries. We look at 4 examples of national refugee integration.

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WENR, February 2018: Asia-Pacific

Government to Allow Foreign Universities to Operate in Indonesia

Australian Government Tightens Code of Conduct for Work with Recruitment Agents; and more

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WENR, February 2018: Middle East

New Agreement Paves Way for U.K. Branch Campuses in Egypt

Israel: Legislation Over West Bank Institutions Expected to Spark Boycotts; and more

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