October 2018 Volume 31, Issue 8

WENR, October 2018: Americas

Mexico: Mexican universities face bankruptcy and closure;

U.S.: Demand for graduate business studies up globally, bar dips in US; and more!

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WENR, October 2018: Europe

U.K.: University ‘dual nationality’ plan for Brexit;

Spain: Spanish academics split over national CV vetting; and more!

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WENR, October 2018: Middle-East

Egypt: Egypt’s Universities Open Up to Blended Learning;

Lebanon: Cash shortfall hits refugee education; and more!

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WENR, October 2018: Asia-Pacific

China: China Now Produces More Research Papers than the U.S.;

Australia: Government Discusses Shifting Inflow of International Student to Regional Areas; and more!

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Backyard Recruitment: Enrolling International Students Who Are Already in the United States

A method of recruiting international students already in the U.S., backyard recruitment covers high schools, community colleges, or pathway programs.

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WENR, October 2018: Africa

Tanzania: Government Seeks to Curb Malpractices among Recruitment Agents;

Tanzania: Students at 110 Schools Retake Exams Because of Cheating; and more!

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The Institutional Perspective on International Recruitment Agents

Increases in institution-agency partnerships in the U.S. merit an examination of the positive and negative aspects of working with recruitment agents.

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Education in South Korea

This comprehensive overview of South Korean education—packed with context and insights—is an invaluable resource for credential evaluators, recruiters, and other HEI professionals.

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Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and South Korea Remap Regional Student Flows

Individually and as a group, a handful of Asian powers are trying to strike a balance between outbound and inbound student mobility. If they succeed, student mobility will look radically different in 2025 than it does now.

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Decoding International Students’ Experiences With Education Agents: Insights for U.S. Institutions

New research from WES Looks at what 5,880 current or prospective international students from around the world have to say about working with education agents.

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