Student Mobility

Saudi Applicants to U.S. Institutions by Type in 2014

Saudi Students Flock to a Diverse Set of U.S. Institutions

To what types of U.S. institutions are Saudi students applying? A surprisingly wide range of institutions are on the lists of many Saudi applicants.


The Future of Canadian Immigration

Increasingly Mobile and Educated: The Future of Canadian Immigration

A new WES survey, one of the largest of its kind, found that Canada’s immigration landscape is changing and that new immigrants are more educated and mobile than previous immigrants.


Southeast Asian Outbound Students by Destination in 2012 (Total=2224,483)

Can U.S. Universities Compete in the Southeast Asian Transnational Education Market?

What’s the challenge of recruiting students from Southeast Asia? Who are the competitors? And what can U.S. universities do to compete in this market?


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