What is the Expected Change in International Applications for Fall 2012?

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Three out of four international admissions professionals at U.S. institutions of higher education expect applications from international students to increase for the fall 2012 admissions cycle (incoming class of 2013). Of the 202 respondents to WES’ March survey, only 5% expect a slight decline in international applications, as compared to one-fifth of respondents who are expecting a significant increase of more than 10%. Overall, it seems that most institutions are expecting an increase of some degree, which suggests a healthy upward trend in international enrollments for 2013.

Expected  International Enrollments to U.S.

This is consistent with projections made in a recent WES research report, Trends in International Student Mobility. The report notes that given current fiscal challenges, many public institutions of higher education in the U.S. are becoming more aggressive in recruiting international students. It also suggests that as the U.S. economy picks up, the perception of improved employment prospects among international students will strengthen the appeal of the United States as both a study and work destination.

However, the report points out that while optimism for increased international applications prevails, institutions are likely to face challenges in recruiting self-financed students without compromising the quality and diversity of their student body.

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