WENR, November 2014: Americas

University Completion Rates Fall for First Time in a Decade

There was a 5.7 percent drop in the number of Brazilian graduates last year compared with 2012 – the first decline in the number of university leavers since 2003…

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WENR, November 2014: Europe

Google Releases Data on Most-Googled Institutions of Higher Education

Google has revealed the most popular searches for people around the world looking for universities, and the ranking is significantly different from the traditional map of the global powerhouses of higher education…

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WENR, October 2014: Europe

Study: World’s Best Universities are all Financially Well-endowed

Times Higher Education has identified the characteristics of the world’s most successful universities, and money is the key.The UK had 31 universities in the top 200 last year…

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Brazil: Pathways for the Future

By Alejandro Ortiz – WES Research & Advisory Services ACCESS ADDITIONAL RESEARCH AND CONSULTING SOLUTIONSIn 2013, the number of Brazilians studying in the U.S. increased by 20% from the previous year (IIE, Open Doors 2013), making it one of the fastest growing source countries for…

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WENR, October 2014: Middle East

Ranking Universities in the Middle East

A comprehensive ranking for institutions in the Middle East does yet exist, but University World News reports that the situation will soon be rectified as US News, the QS Intelligence Unit and Times Higher Education develop university rankings for the Middle East and North Africa…

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