Vietnam: Southeast Asia’s Most Dynamic Outbound Market

In terms of student recruitment, is Vietnam a worthwhile next investment? Most likely, yes. A look at the underlying dynamics, and their implications for strategic enrollment planning.

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WENR, March/April 2003: Editor’s Note

It is important to note that the Open Doors statistics may be misleading, as most international students were already enrolled at U.S. institutions of higher education before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The total impact of 9/11 cannot be fully assessed

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WENR, August 2006: Africa

East African Nations Develop Plans for Regional Accreditation System In response to concerns over the proliferation of sub-standard private and foreign universities, the three member countries of the East African Community — Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda — announced plans in

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eWENR, Sept./Oct. 2000: Feature


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eWENR, Sept./Oct. 2000: News You Can Use


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