How to Obtain Authentic Credentials for Graduate Admissions

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Sixty-three percent of WES webinar participants foresee a growth in recruitment efforts at their institutions this year. In order to help prepare for this resultant increase in international applicants, this webinar will highlight some of our best practices in graduate documentation to help admissions officers and university-based credential evaluators apply relevant techniques on their campuses and more carefully and confidently select the best international candidates.


  • How to collect and authenticate international academic credentials for graduate admissions.
  • The importance of determining the legitimacy of awarding academic institutions.
  • Documentation requirements: translations, variations, and the issue of photocopies vs. originals.
  • How to communicate appropriate documentation requirements to international students.

Registration is limited to participants representing colleges or universities.

Michael R. Porter, Project Manager at World Education Services.
Michael is responsible for the development of documentation policies and procedures at World Education Services. He has a master’s degree in International Cooperation Policy from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan.



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