Recognizing Refugee Qualifications

A Way Forward for Refugees: Findings from the WES Pilot Project

When WES launched a pilot project in 2016 to assess the credentials of Syrian refugees to Canada, millions of people had already fled conflicts in nations around the world. This report describes how World Education Services has begun to help those with post-secondary qualifications take their next steps toward integration.


Recognizing Refugee Qualifications: Practical Tips for Credential Assessment

A special report that features WES’s extensive research on worldwide practices in the assessment of credentials and qualifications of refugees and other displaced individuals.


Education in Syria

An educational country profile that highlights key aspects of the secondary and tertiary educational systems in Syria, and showcases essential academic documents.


thumb_04InterTrendsThe Importance of Higher Education for Syrian Refugees

An article that outlines the importance of providing higher education to refugees, including current obstacles and ongoing global integration efforts.


thumb_03EmergingThe Syrian Refugee Crisis: Methods for Credential Assessment

A webinar that provides an overview of the Syrian education system, the refugee crisis, and issues surrounding credential assessment for refugees with limited documentation.


Ep. 17 Syrians in Jordan: The difference a document makes

A podcast interview in which Rasha Faek, a Syrian journalist living and working in Jordan as managing editor of Al-Fanar Media, discusses the implications of lack of access to higher education for a whole generation of young people.


WES Annual Letter 2017