April 2018 Volume 31, Issue 3

WENR, April 2018: Middle East

Qatar: Blockade Stifles Higher Education Collaboration in Gulf Region

Egypt: Universities Heavily Represented in Times Higher Education Arab World Rankings; and more

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Lessons from Kentucky: Beyond International Students as a Fiscal Fix

What happens when international student interest in the U.S. dwindles, and how can administrators react? Those questions loom large at institutions throughout America. Nowhere is this more true than at institutions that are, like Kentucky, in the nation’s heartland.

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WENR, April 2018: Africa

Pan-Africa: AAU Opens First Regional Office in East Africa

Ghana: Government Announces Ambitious Plan to Modernize TVET; and more

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Confucius Institutes and U.S. Exchange Programs: Public Diplomacy Through Education

While we consider the important questions that are raised by the presence of Confucius Institutes on U.S. campuses – especially in the context of current White House “America First” rhetoric, policies, and personnel – it’s an opportune time to consider how Public Diplomacy through education has been used in the past.

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WENR, April 2018: Asia-Pacific

Australia: Controversy over Chinese Influence on Australian Campuses

Bangladesh: Outbound Student Mobility Is Growing; and more

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Education in Nepal

Current trends in education and international student mobility in Nepal: Includes an overview of the education system, and a guide to institutions and qualifications.

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WENR, April 2018: Europe

U.K.: University of Warwick Creates New Collaboration Programs with French Institutions

Netherlands: Government Works to Attract Nigerian Students; and more

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Nine Actions to Help Students Navigate the Effects of Uncertainty About the Travel Ban

Since early 2017, various iterations of a U.S. government travel ban that targets several Muslim-majority countries have affected international students at campuses across the country. WENR looks at practical supports for affected students.

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The Economy of Fraud in Academic Publishing in China

Can China’s education sector address widespread fraud in academic publishing? Doing so is critical to the country’s effort to establish itself as an innovative research nation and move up on the global food chain of internationally reputable education systems.

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WENR, April 2018: Americas

Free tuition in Chile ‘fails to improve access for poor’

U.S.: Congress rejects much of Betsy DeVos’s agenda in spending bill; and more

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