December 2017, Volume 30, Issue 10

Academic Fraud, Corruption, and Implications for Credential Assessment

From contract cheating and plagiarism to the fraudulent licensing of institutions, academic corruption and fraud create very real problems for institutions. We discuss common types of misconduct and effective remedies.

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Diploma Mills: 9 Strategies for Tackling One of Higher Education’s Most Wicked Problems

The black market for fraudulent degrees, diplomas, and credentials has enormous economic and social consequences. Despite the wicked nature of the problem, here are 9 strategies for mitigating the negative impact of diploma mills.

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Georgia: A Post-Soviet Model for Fighting Academic Corruption

In post-soviet Georgia, policy reform has virtually extinguished bribery and other forms of corruption in public services, including higher education – an achievement that could serve as a model for other post-Communist countries.

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Understanding the Causes and Social Costs of Academic Corruption

What global and local macro-trends contribute to corruption in academia? How are individuals, higher education institutions, and civil society affected?

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Education in Australia

A look at current trends in education and international student mobility in Australia. Includes an overview of the education system, and a guide to institutions and qualifications.

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WENR, December 2017: Africa

Central African Republic: Teacher Shortage Threatens Education System

Private education in Sub-Saharan Africa steadily improving; and more

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WENR, December 2017: Americas

Brazil: New Internationalization Plan for 2018

Controversy in U.S. over tuition-waiver provision in tax plan; Canada int’l enrollment numbers up; and more

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WENR, December 2017: Asia-Pacific

East Asia: The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is on the Horizon

Australia’s TAFE crisis affects in’tl students; China shifting to long-term strategic research; and more

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WENR, December 2017: Europe

Ireland: Returned Emigrants May Miss Out on Free Tuition

U.K government to offer 2-year degrees; Germany surpasses int’l enrollment goals; and more

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WENR, December 2017: Middle East

Saudi Government Plans to Overhaul Education System

Syrian teen wins peace prize for educating refugee children; Dubai to offer inclusive education; and more

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