African Student Mobility: Regional Trends and Recommendations for U.S. HEIs

Africa sent some 427,311 tertiary-level students abroad in 2014. U.S. HEIs already enroll a substantial number from Nigeria. But what other countries might become significant countries of origin for U.S.-bound students? WENR examines changing mobility trends, push and pull factors within the region, and ways U.S. institutions can attract and support a wider range of African students.

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Education in Nigeria

An updated look at Nigeria’s education system, featuring an overview of the higher education sector and quality challenges, sample documents, grade equivalencies and more.

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WENR, March 2017: The Americas

U.S.: President Signs New Travel Ban Targeting 6 Muslim-Majority Countries

On March 6th, the president signed a revised travel ban based on an executive order from late January that was hastily executed and ultimately blocked by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.

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