Education in Australia

A look at current trends in education and international student mobility in Australia. Includes an overview of the education system, and a guide to institutions and qualifications.

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India: Mapping Student Mobility From the World’s Number 2 Sender

Indian student mobility will rise in the coming decades. Understanding where students have headed in the recent past – and why – is of critical importance international enrollment managers.

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Who Counts What in the Top English-language Host Countries?

By Nick Clark, Editor World Education News & Reviews In the first of this two-part series, we take a look behind the mobility statistics reported by the top five English-language higher education receiving countries to see if their data are

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Learning from Australia’s Export Education Model

Sophia J. Lowe Research & Policy Analyst, World Education Services Introduction Globally, international student mobility has increased substantially. In 2006, over 2.9 million tertiary students were enrolled outside their country of citizenship, representing a 3 percent increase from the previous

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International Student Mobility: Patterns and Trends

By Line Verbik, Research Manager, Hobsons and Veronica Lasanowski, Research Officer, The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education Over the past 10-15 years international student mobility has become an increasingly important part of the global higher education landscape. The total number

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University Rankings: Australia

  On this page:    • The Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research Other resources:    • Australian Universities Network    • Student Outcome Indicators for the Learning and Teaching Performance Fund    • Hobsons   The Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic

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Fighting Credential Fraud

A Brief Critique of Australian and American Approaches to Qualification Verification and Authentication By George Brown VIEW UPCOMING WEBINARS ON POPULAR COUNTRY SYSTEMS OF EDUCATION   Introduction Credentials are everywhere, and are important signifiers of an individual’s competence and/or bona

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