Confucius Institutes and U.S. Exchange Programs: Public Diplomacy Through Education

While we consider the important questions that are raised by the presence of Confucius Institutes on U.S. campuses – especially in the context of current White House “America First” rhetoric, policies, and personnel – it’s an opportune time to consider how Public Diplomacy through education has been used in the past.

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The Economy of Fraud in Academic Publishing in China

Can China’s education sector address widespread fraud in academic publishing? Doing so is critical to the country’s effort to establish itself as an innovative research nation and move up on the global food chain of internationally reputable education systems.

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Indian Students Seeking an MBBS: Why China?

Data from India’s Medical Council indicates rising interest in China among Indian students seeking a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). What factors are involved?

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International Relations and Signals of Change in International Education

There is a symbiotic relationship between international relations and international education that cannot be ignored. When international affairs are relatively stable, it can be easy to forget this relationship. However, during times of turbulence, the effects can be drastic.

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Student Recruitment in China: One Institution’s Insights From Tier II and Tier III Cities

Smaller Tier II and III cities offer smaller and unranked HEIs a chance to reach students who may be less status conscious, and more open to a range of education options in the U.S.

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China: Can the World’s Top Source for International Students Become Its Leading Destination?

China is seeking to transform into the world’s top international higher education destination by 2020. What is the likelihood it can succeed?

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India: Mapping Student Mobility From the World’s Number 2 Sender

Indian student mobility will rise in the coming decades. Understanding where students have headed in the recent past – and why – is of critical importance international enrollment managers.

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The Huikao, the Academic Proficiency Test, and Shanghai Variations: A Look at China’s High School Exams

China’s most famous standardized exam, the gaokao, is famously competitive and notoriously difficult. But what of the huikao and other national exams?

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More and Younger: Outbound Student Mobility Among Chinese High School Students

Chinese high school students are coming to the U.S. and Canada in increasing numbers. Credential analyst Mini Gu examines the trend, the factors driving it, and more.

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A User’s Guide: China’s New Non-Standardized Degree Certificate

A WES credential analyst provides simple, easy tips for authenticating the non-standardized Chinese degree certificates that started flooding admissions offices in 2017.

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