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Third-Party Pathway Programs – A Guide to Negotiating Contracts That Promote High-Quality Admissions and Academic Success 

Often criticized, online education is also considered a promising means to increase access to education in developing countries.

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Education in the United States of America

A comprehensive examination of the education system in the United States: Includes an overview of the education system, a guide to institutions and qualifications, and a look at mobility trends among inbound and outbound students.

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Navigating a New Paradigm for International Student Recruitment

The latest research from WES examines how 270 higher education professionals in the U.S. have dealt with declining international enrollments, and offers practical recommendations for recruiting and supporting students from abroad.

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Could Germany’s Vocational Education and Training System Be a Model for the U.S.?

Germany has one of the most productive workforces in the world. The country’s vocational education and training system may provide insights for the U.S., where interest in formalized workforce training is gaining steam.

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Latest SEVIS Data: Number of International Students in the U.S. Is Declining

Insights into the latest data from the Department of Homeland Security’s Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.

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Economic Storm: The Crisis of Education in Puerto Rico

Before Hurricane Maria thrust Puerto Rico into the U.S. media spotlight for a few months, the island’s education system was already in dire straits. Puerto Rico now faces the closure of a third of its schools, and the most severe higher education budget cuts in U.S. history.

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Confucius Institutes and U.S. Exchange Programs: Public Diplomacy Through Education

While we consider the important questions that are raised by the presence of Confucius Institutes on U.S. campuses – especially in the context of current White House “America First” rhetoric, policies, and personnel – it’s an opportune time to consider how Public Diplomacy through education has been used in the past.

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Lessons from Kentucky: Beyond International Students as a Fiscal Fix

What happens when international student interest in the U.S. dwindles, and how can administrators react? Those questions loom large at institutions throughout America. Nowhere is this more true than at institutions that are, like Kentucky, in the nation’s heartland.

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Nine Actions to Help Students Navigate the Effects of Uncertainty About the Travel Ban

Since early 2017, various iterations of a U.S. government travel ban that targets several Muslim-majority countries have affected international students at campuses across the country. WENR looks at practical supports for affected students.

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How Well do Foreign-Educated Nurses Integrate into the U.S. and Canada?

How can institutions better prepare internationally educated nurses for successful integration into U.S. and Canadian employment markets?

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