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Déjà Vu? The Rise and Fall of Iranian Student Enrollments in the U.S.

U.S.-bound Iranian student mobility has waxed and waned over decades of political enmity between the two nations. Our feature story examines that history, and helps to shed light on the potential impact of the Trump administration’s recent executive order barring travel from Iran and six other countries.

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Indian Master’s Students on U.S. Campuses: How Needs Differ Across Three Key Disciplines

Indian students are a rising force on U.S. campuses. But what are their motivations and experiences once here? WES examines insights from surveys of U.S.-enrolled Indian master’s students in three top fields – engineering, math/computer sciences & business. Based on original research.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine: Surging International Interest and a Shifting Educational Landscape in China

In 2015, WES saw a substantial rise in applications from graduates of traditional Chinese medicine programs (TCM) in China. Why? And what does academic training and licensure for TCM in China entail? Two WES credential analysts explain.

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The Refugee Crisis and Higher Education: Access Is One Issue. Credentials Are Another.

Only one percent of all university-age refugees now enroll in higher education. Two solutions could accelerate access to tertiary-level coursework and verifiable credentials: One is technical, and the other painstakingly human.

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Washington’s Patchwork Approach to Inbound Student Mobility: A Guide

The U.S. federal government lacks a unified policy solution to inbound student mobility, but programs and policies designed to attract and retain international students do exist, both within the State Department, and Customs and Immigration. Paul Schulmann offers an overview of the available resources, and tips for navigating them.

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Education in Germany

Free tuition and a reputation for quality have raised Germany’s profile as an education destination. This latest WES overview of the country’s education system provides insight into recent reforms, credential evaluation issues, and student mobility to and from Germany, and features an infographic diagramming the education system.

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