WENR, March 2017: Europe

Russia: New Plan to Simplify Visa Process and Increase International Student Numbers

The Russian government has introduced a plan to simplify the international student visa process, create 5,000 new scholarships for international degree seekers, and increase international student quotas by a third. The plan coincides with other Russian efforts to bolster the profile of itshigher education system. The government also hopes to utilize the high international student numbers as a foreign policy tool, a form of soft power.

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March 1

France: Satellite Campus on the Seine Offers an Avenue to Preserve Post-Brexit Funding for British Researchers

Though Oxford University shut down recent rumors of a satellite university in Paris, stating that the university had no plans to establish a campus overseas, a network of ten universities has put out an open call for British universities to apply for a satellite office in Paris. The network, known as The Universite of Paris Seine, plans to begin construction on an international campus in 2018. Last summer’s Brexit decision threatens British academicians with the loss of EU research funding once the country leaves the 28-country union. Other British institutions, like the University of Warwick, may be more receptive to French overtures.

February 20

U.K.: Leaked Government Document Marks Education as ‘Low Priority’

A recent leaked document published by The Times indicates which sectors of U.K. industry the government plans to prioritize during the upcoming Brexit talks. The list marks education as low priority, along with ten other industries, including steel construction, and oil and gas. The leak caused dismay among many university administrators, who were hoping for the creation of new government programs to mitigate some of the recent referendum’s effects on the higher ed sector.

Business Insider
February 10

France: Foreign Minister Announces Plans to Double Indian Student Numbers

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has announced a plan to attract more Indian students to France’s higher education institutions, aiming to at least double the current numbers by 2020. The plan is part of an effort to build a stronger strategic partnership between the two countries. Ayrault also announced a new Bangalore chapter of the France Alumni, a digital platform that serves to connect international students who have completed programs at French universities.

Master Studies
February 3


U.K.: Universities See Fall in Application Numbers

Since the Brexit vote in June 2016, the U.K. has seen a seven percent decline in applications from E.U. students, compared to a five percent decline overall. However, this is likely only partially attributable to the Brexit vote, according to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Services, which says that the country has also seen a sharp decline in the number of both 18 year-old applicants as well as applicants in older age groups.

Times Higher Education
February 2


Ireland: New Policy Extends Stay for Postgraduate International Students

The Irish government extended the Third Level Graduate Scheme, now allowing international students from outside the EU to stay in Ireland for up to two years. The extension applies to students graduating with degrees at the master’s or PhD level. The change is expected to make Ireland a more attractive destination to international applicants, which would in turn help Ireland meet the goals set out in last year’s International Education Strategy.

The Pie News
February 2

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