WENR, December 2018: Africa

Kenya: Incoming Fee Hikes for Kenyan Students

South Africa: Bill Puts Forth New Protections Against Fake Qualifications; and more!

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WENR, December 2018: Asia-Pacific

China: New College to Address Lack of International Education Degrees

Australia: Proposed Change to Political Donation Policy Could Lead to Heavy Fines for International Students; and more!

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WENR, December 2018: Middle East

Regional News: Survey Finds Less than Seven Percent of Leadership Positions at Arab Universities Held by Women | Syria: New Program Provides Online Courses to Refugees | UAE: UAE bows to pressure, jailed UK researcher freed

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WENR, December 2018: Europe

Regional News: Ireland: Sudden Closure of Grafton College Affects 470 International Students | U.K.: Widely Circulated Article Falsely Claims Universities Stopping Recruitment of Chinese Students | France: Government Unveils New International Recruitment Strategy

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WENR, December 2018: Americas

U.S.: Fallout From For-Profit College Chain’s Closure Could Have Been Prevented

Canada: Ontario Auditor General Report finds Wynne’s ‘free’ tuition scheme far more expensive than promised; and more!

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