eWENR, November/December 1999: W. Europe

Cyprus Cypriot students who successfully complete secondary school are eligible to continue their education at three types of institutions: 1) a public, non-university, post-secondary institution; 2) a private, post-secondary institution; 3) the University of Cyprus. Public post-secondary institutions include the Forestry College, the Higher Technical…

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eWENR, March/April 1999: Middle East (Regional News)

Iran In October 1998, authorities closed down the Baha’i Open University and arrested 36 faculty members, four of whom are still being detained. The university has taught courses in private residences all over the country for the past 10 years. Baha’i officials claim that security…

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eWENR, November/December 1998: The Americas (Regional News)

Commonwealth Caribbean In June, the Caribbean Examinations Council introduced a new grading scale for the Secondary Education Certificate examination that it administers in 16 participating countries. The New Caribbean Grading Scale Grade Description GRADE I Candidate shows a comprehensive grasp of the key concepts, knowledge,…

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