WENR, August 2018: Middle East

Egypt: New Law Allows for Establishment of Foreign Universities

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has issued a new law allowing the establishment of foreign universities in Egypt. With the law comes plans for new joint science programs and partnerships with existing Egyptian universities. The law also establishes a new committee, chaired by the Minister of Higher Education, which will oversee and evaluate branch campuses constructed in Egypt.

Egypt Independent
August 8

Iraq: Government Accredits Public Universities in Kurdistan Region

The Iraqi government has formally accredited all public universities within the Kurdistan Region. The Kurdistan Regional Government has also agreed to recognize private universities operating in areas disputed between the two governments. Both governments aim to internationalize and improve the education system in Iraq and are establishing a new joint committee for quality assurance and accreditation.

August 7

Kuwait: Government Receives Over 40 Reports of Forged Diplomas

The Kuwait Minister of Higher Education reported that the government has received over 40 reports of forged diplomas, a problem which has prompted an internal investigation expected to lead to a number of arrests. Forged diplomas are a growing problem in the region, and recent discoveries have drawn the credentials of workers in the government and medical fields into question.

Kuwait Times
July 21

Saudi Arabia: Government Calls for Removal of Saudi Students from Canada

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Canada have led to the Saudi government withdrawing all Saudi students from Canada. The move has been met with criticism, with many drawing issue with the use of students as pawns in a political dispute. The 12,000 Saudi students studying in Canada have been told to prepare to return to Saudi Arabia by the end of the Summer. The Saudi government claims to have plans to accommodate affected students with different international degree programs in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Times Higher Education
August 10

UAE: Seventeen New International Schools to Open in UAE This Year

Seventeen new international schools will be established in the United Arab Emirates in the 2018-19 academic year, part of an effort to meet the increasing demand for English-language education in the region. The UAE currently has 624 international schools, compared to 596 in 2017, and new initiatives have been put in place to ease the process of establishing international schools and in turn feed the growth of the region’s education sector.

Pie News
August 9

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