WENR, June 2018: Americas

Canada: Canadian university strike ‘harbinger of things to come’

Argentina: Tuition fees ‘not the answer’ as budgets squeezed; and more

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WENR, May 2018: Americas

U.S.: UT Tyler Canceled More Than 50 Scholarships for International Students With Almost No Notice

Mexico’s brain drain leaves universities struggling to fill research posts; and more

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WENR, April 2018: Americas

Free tuition in Chile ‘fails to improve access for poor’

U.S.: Congress rejects much of Betsy DeVos’s agenda in spending bill; and more

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WENR, March 2018: Americas

U.S. Colleges’ Confucius Institutes Face Renewed Skepticism

In Canada’s Public Schools, Immigrant Students Are Thriving; and more

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WENR, February 2018: Americas

A Year of Travel Bans in the U.S.

Major higher education reforms secured by senators in Chile; U.S. schools setting up campuses in China; and more

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