International Student Pathways to Permanent Residence in Canada: Canada Research in Brief

In late 2017, WES surveyed prospective international students about why they planned to come to Canada, and why they plan to stay on. A snapshot of our findings shows what we learned.

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How Well do Foreign-Educated Nurses Integrate into the U.S. and Canada?

How can institutions better prepare internationally educated nurses for successful integration into U.S. and Canadian employment markets?

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Higher Education’s Role in National Refugee Integration: Four Cases

The importance of providing refugees from Syria and elsewhere opportunities to continue and complete higher education is clear to many countries. We look at 4 examples of national refugee integration.

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International Student Mobility to Canada: A Surge? Or Something Else?

A look at the policies and practices that have affected international student mobility to Canada since 2001. What can U.S. enrollment managers learn by looking north?

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Migration Paths: How Do Highly Skilled Workers Make Their Way to Canada?

With Immigrant interest in Canada surging, WES surveyed 7,120 applicants for Canada’s skilled worker program to better understand their backgrounds and skills.

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More and Younger: Outbound Student Mobility Among Chinese High School Students

Chinese high school students are coming to the U.S. and Canada in increasing numbers. Credential analyst Mini Gu examines the trend, the factors driving it, and more.

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WENR, September, 2016: Americas

Canada: A New Trend? Canadian Universities Seek U.S. Accreditation

In July, the U.S.-based Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) granted accreditation to Canada-based Burnaby’s Simon Fraser University (SFU). Other applications from Canadian institutions seeking U.S. accreditation are pending.

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Addressing the U.S. Global Partnership Lag

Ian Wright, Director of Partnerships In an era of declining public investment in higher education and increasing global competition for students, a comprehensive internationalization strategy is non-negotiable for higher education institutions of every stripe. “The internationalisation of a university is

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Attracting and Retaining International Students in Canada

By Alejandro Ortiz – WES Research & Advisory Services, Rahul Choudaha – WES Research & Advisory Services CLICK HERE TO ACCESS CORRESPONDING WEBINAR ARCHIVE   As is the case in most developed countries, Canadians are living longer and having fewer

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Could Canada’s International Enrollment Growth Go Cold?

By Paul Schulmann, WES Research & Advisory Services ACCESS ADDITIONAL RESEARCH AND CONSULTING SOLUTIONS With its high quality of education, affordability, and concerted efforts to attract skilled immigrants, it is not surprising that Canada is a top destination for international

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