WENR, September, 2016: Americas

Canada: A New Trend? Canadian Universities Seek U.S. Accreditation

In July, the U.S.-based Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) granted accreditation to Canada-based Burnaby’s Simon Fraser University (SFU). Other applications from Canadian institutions seeking U.S. accreditation are pending.

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Do Systemic Mobility Constraints Impose Limitations on 100,000 Strong Goals?

Across Latin America, degree recognition failures are common. US HEIs should understand systemic constraints, to help students & recruit more effectively.

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Education in Colombia

Silje Immerstein, Research Associate at World Education Services In this article we will provide an overview of the Colombian education system, highlighting its history development, structure and grading scales. We also take a look at current and future trends in

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Education in Latin America

By Jennifer Bild World Education Services In the past ten years, the middle class in Latin America has grown 50%, comprising almost one third of the region’s population. This trend can in part be attributed to big strides made in

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Education in Colombia: Assessing Partial High School Credits

By Sophia Lowe, Research and Policy Analyst, WES Canada VIEW WEBINAR ARCHIVE: EDUCATION IN COLOMBIA In this issue of World Education News & Reviews we present an overview of the Colombian secondary education system. The research for this project was

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