Education in Latin America

In the past ten years, the middle class in Latin America has grown 50%, comprising almost one third of the region’s population. This trend can in part be attributed to big strides made in the field of education and has subsequently spurred demand for continual improvements. One way the region has addressed this need is by implementing scholarship and partnership programs that focus on increasing outward student mobility. The Brazil Scientific Mobility Program has caused a 51% increase in the number of Brazilian students enrolled at U.S. universities. Since the creation of the FOBESII partnership between the U.S. and Mexico, the number of Mexican students in the U.S. has doubled. Meanwhile, the governments in Chile and Colombia have developed partnerships at the institutional level, funding thousands of STEM students abroad.

With an increasing number of Latin American students looking abroad for educational opportunities, this collection of WES resources will help strengthen your knowledge base and international student recruitment processes for the region.

Archived Webinars

Colombia Education in Colombia
November 6, 2015
After experiencing vast improvements in the higher education sector, the Colombian government established the National Program for Advising Higher Education Institutions on Internationalization…
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mexico Education in Mexico
November 13, 2015
Between 2010 and 2012, World Education Services experienced a 25% increase in the number of Mexican international students seeking an evaluation of their academic credentials. During…
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Venezuela Education in Venezuela
November 20,2015
Due to economic downfall and a growing exodus of professors and young professionals, the number of Venezuelan students studying in the US grew 14% during the last school year. As higher…
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brazil Education in Brazil
December 4, 2015
As the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program grows, it is becoming increasingly more crucial that admissions professionals are knowledgeable about this emerging market and well equipped to…
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Argentina Education in Argentina
December 11, 2015
The number of incoming international students is on the rise, especially at the undergraduate level. In the 2013/2014 school year, 301,114 international students were enrolled in US bachelor’s …
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A discussion about the higher education system in Peru with Kevin Rolwing, Area Director at WES, who recently delivered a webinar on the topic.



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