WENR, September 2016: Europe

Germany: Turkish Crackdown Has Ripple Effect on German Higher Ed

Turmoil in Turkey’s higher education sector is prompting concern from Germany, especially in Lower Saxony, where cross-border institutional relationships focused on credit transfer, and exchanges of students, instructors, and researchers are common.

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Education in the U.K.

Jessica Magaziner, Credential Analyst at World Education Services At its peak, British colonialism affected half the nations on the globe. As a result, the United Kingdom’s educational system emerged as one of the most influential models in the world: Even today, British credentials are awarded…

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A Guide to U.K. School Qualifications Offered Internationally

By Nick Clark, Editor, World Education News & Reviews Two of the U.K.’s examination boards provide suites of qualifications that have been developed specifically for the overseas market. These qualifications are based on the domestic versions of the GCSE and A level examinations, and are…

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