WENR, March 2017: Africa

Algeria: Government to Launch University-Research Clusters to Decrease Graduate Unemployment

University-industry partnerships are expected to be clustered in important fields like management, health and medicine, communication technologies, computing, civil and industrial engineering, aeronautics and operational research.

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WENR, February 2017: Africa

East Africa: Cross-Border Credit Transfer Moves Forward

Under a proposal of the Inter-university Council for East Africa, an estimated 150 million people in Eastern Africa will soon be able to freely engage in cross-border education…

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WENR, December 2016: Africa

Uganda: Busoga University Accused of Issuing 1,000 Fake Degrees

The incident caused diplomatic tension with South Sudan, as most of the students are high-ranking South Sudanese government officials and army members.

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WENR, November 2016: Africa

Uganda: University Protests Escalate

Lecturers and students at Uganda’s nine public universities have staged protests over the past few weeks and months. Lecturers are protesting lack of pay, while students are protesting a variety of grievances. Makerere University and Kampala University are among those most deeply affected.

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WENR, October 2016: Africa

South Africa: Widespread Protests Affect Operations at 17 Public Universities

Final exams scheduled for October may be cancelled if violence continues, creating a major financial burden for lower income families who have to pay for an additional semester or year in order for students to obtain a degree.

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WENR, September 2016: Africa

Uganda: 1,200 Nursing Graduates Lack Training to Practice

Some 1,200 nursing students received qualifications from four universities, but ran into roadblocks when they attempted to register for professional practice.

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WENR, July/August 2016: Africa

France loans Kenya $30 Million to Improve Higher Ed Infrastructure

The French Development Agency (AFD) has agreed to provide a $30 million dollar grant to 39 Kenyan universities, in a bid to improve access and quality in the higher education sector.

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WENR, June 2016: Africa

Kenya: New Requirements for Masters’ Degrees?

Proposed guidelines may make it harder for Kenyan students to obtain masters’ degrees. The new guidelines are the latest in a series of efforts to increase the rigor of Kenya’s higher education sector during a period of soaring demand and capacity.

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WENR, May 2016: Africa

Ghana and South Africa plan policy responses to transnational education

South Africa plans to unveil a policy to address the internationalization of its higher ed sector in 2017. Ghana seeks to limit the growth of branch campuses seen as a competitive threat to its domestic higher ed sector.

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WENR, April 2016: Africa

South Africa: Unrest and economic turmoil spark interest in international mobility

Student protests have been roiling South African campuses for months. Observers say the unrest is causing an uptick in interest in international mobility

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