WENR, December 2017: Africa

Central African Republic: Teacher Shortage Threatens Education System

Private education in Sub-Saharan Africa steadily improving; and more

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WENR, November 2017: Africa

Nigeria: University Admissions Crisis Worsens

Kenya combats fraud; Five universities in Rwanda close; Sub-Saharan Africa behind in sustainable development

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WENR, October 2017: Africa

Kenya: New Visa Rules Could Hamper Student Flows

Anglophone Universities in Cameroon Shut Down; Corruption at Uganda’s Makerere University, and more

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WENR, September 2017: Africa

Libya: Only 12 out of 20 Universities Functional in 2011 Still Open in 2017

Libya’s higher education system falters; Malawi’s largest university splits; Surging demand strains Africa’s higher education systems, drives online enrollments

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WENR, July-August 2017: Africa

Zimbabwe: Government Closes 280 Private Colleges

280 private colleges shuttered in Zimbabwe; Nigeria reviews 200 applications from new universities; Burundi’s first doctoral school scheduled to open.

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