WENR, December 2018: Africa

Kenya: Incoming Fee Hikes for Kenyan Students

South Africa: Bill Puts Forth New Protections Against Fake Qualifications; and more!

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WENR, November 2018: Africa

Mozambique: Parliament Votes to Restructure School System;

Sudan: U.S. Universities Cooperate with Sudanese Institutions After the Lifting of U.S. Sanctions; and more!

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WENR, October 2018: Africa

Tanzania: Government Seeks to Curb Malpractices among Recruitment Agents;

Tanzania: Students at 110 Schools Retake Exams Because of Cheating; and more!

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WENR, September 2018: Africa

Algeria: Mounting Fiscal Pressures on Public Funding of Higher Education;

South Africa: Government to Recognize ELT Schools as Accredited Private Colleges; and more!

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WENR, August 2018: Africa

Uganda: Medical Regulatory Bodies Urge Adopting External Examinations for Medical Graduates;

Kenya: Government Invests in Vocational Education and Training; and more!

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