Barriers to progress: Documentation challenges in Ukraine and Crimea

This article, which focuses on students in Ukraine, is the first in a periodic World Education News & Reviews series that will springboard off of the insights of credential evaluators at World Education Services (WES) to highlight the challenges faced by students in specific regions…

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Education in the U.K.

Jessica Magaziner, Credential Analyst at World Education Services At its peak, British colonialism affected half the nations on the globe. As a result, the United Kingdom’s educational system emerged as one of the most influential models in the world: Even today, British credentials are awarded…

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WENR, November 2015: Europe

Live where you learn

This week, Kaplan International Colleges and Bournemouth University officially opened a £100m, 16floor, live-learn facility on the university’s Lansdowne campus…

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The Rise of Chinese Students at German Universities

Rachel Michael, Credential Evaluator at World Education Services As the merits and means of reducing student debt are debated from Capitol Hill to Whitehall, the most recent cohort of the world’s secondary school graduates is getting ready for the start of the new academic year….

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WENR, September 2015: Europe

Internationalization High Priority in Europe

International recruitment is driving overall enrollment growth at universities across Europe, according to the European University Association’s Trends 2015 report. Internationalization is among the highest….

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