‘University of the Desert’ Taking Shape

By Paul Rigg Recently in Madrid the Universities of Leeds; Managua; Berkeley and Pretoria joined forces with over a dozen others in Algeria, Cuba and Spain to support a unique ‘University of the Desert.’ The planned ‘University of Tifariti’ has now – for the first…

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Higher Education Reform in Pakistan

By Lubna Shah Anwar, Educational Consultant at the US Embassy in Lahore, and Nick Clark, WENR Editor Over the past four years, Pakistan has increased its spending on higher education by more than 700 percent and the government appears determined to reverse years of underinvestment…

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Developments in Central Asian Higher Education

By Sharon Powell WES Coordinator of Resources Development The collapse of the Soviet Union had a profound impact on the education systems of Central Asia. Drastic cuts in funding; the cessation of directives and guidance from Moscow; the repatriation of Russian administrators back to Russia;…

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